Serving the Pharmaceutical Marketplace

As drug patents approach expiration, new delivery formats for existing formulations are a perfect way to extend brand lifecycles. PDI Contract Manufacturing has been partnering with leading pharmaceutical brands for over 60 years. We offer topical drug delivery systems that:

  • Patients prefer as indicated by the strong sustained growth of the wipes market
  • Provides more targeted, localized drug delivery
  • Increases brand revenue by extending the brand lifecycle
  • May be developed faster and more economically via FDA’s abbreviated 505(b)(2) approval pathway

Our team can help in every step from development to delivery, and can provide turnkey solutions in virtually every conceivable packaging format for premoistened applicators.

Wet Wipes in the Pharmaceutical Marketplace

What are the benefits?

First prescription medicated cloth approved

Patients Prefer Pre-moistened Applicators

Wipes provide more targeted, localized and reliable drug delivery that patients often prefer to traditional creams, gels and ointments.

Life cycle management

Expand Your Brand!

Extend sales for your topical prescription brand with PDI’s better delivery systems that patients prefer.  Wipes may be brought to market quicker, plus are an innovative way to reach your targeted patients.

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Let’s Bring Your Pharmaceutical Wipe To Market