Serving the Consumer Market

Wipes are a central part of health, beauty, and personal care, with the market continuing to grow year-over-year. PDI Contract Manufacturing offers customers a partner with significant expertise throughout the consumer marketplace, including:

  • FDA-registered and ISO-certified facilities in the United States
  • A vast array of non-wovens (wipes material) to choose from
  • A comprehensive library of formulations (cleansers, makeup removers, personal care, feminine hygiene, baby and more)

Wet Wipes in the Consumer Market

What are the benefits?

Your solution in a wipe

Consumers Prefer Wipes

Offering a liquid solution in a wet wipe extends your product line while satisfying your customer’s needs.

Delivery options

The Right Format For Your Product

We offer a wide variety of package options. Our expert development team will work with you to determine the best package format for your product.

Want to know more?

Let Us Bring Your Consumer Wipe To Market