Serving the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Marketplace

While the OTC drug market continues to grow, changes in attitude regarding self medications for minor health problems require brands to think about their products in different ways.  With over 60 years experience partnering with leading OTC brands and their parent companies, PDI Contract Manufacturing can successfully extend your product line by adding wipes to your portfolio, providing:

  • More accurate and controlled delivery of your solution
  • An easy-to-use delivery option to improve your customers experience
  • Portability for your products for on-the-go treatment

From development to delivery, we can provide turnkey solutions in virtually every conceivable packaging format for premoistened applicators.

Wet Wipes in the OTC Market

What are the benefits?

Deliver the right amount to the right location

Controlled Delivery

Provide your customers with an easier way to use your product.

Offer a variety of formats for your customers

Multiple Formats

From individual packets and swabsticks to multi count packs and pads in a jar, we have the package format you are looking for.

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Let Us Bring Your OTC Wipe To Market